Just Because You Are Single, Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone.

Smart Single and Unscripted with Stephanie

Meet the Author/Host:

Hello everyone. I am in my mid-thirties and after a decade of being with a narcissist, am now a divorce single mother of one. I spent most of 2020 in awe over the demise of my circumstances and suffered a bit of a fog while coping with the unknown. Dealing with a change in work style, going from a two-income to a single-income household, dealing with changes in routine and lifestyle caused by a global pandemic, and of course, losing my house in order to process a divorce, took its toll on me mentally and physically in 2020. However, I have decided that while 2020 was a year of negativity, anger, fear, and stress, that 2021 will be the year of true personal growth and success. I hope that together, we can build a community that fosters the concept that being single does not have to be scary. That living on one income, does not have to mean we are financially unstable. That being single mothers, does not mean that we have to lose our own identifies. I hope that I will inspire you to find peace in your situations, and that together, we can build up a community that is not afraid to be single, separated, or divorced. We will find strength to travel the unknown together. Just because we are single, does not mean we are alone.

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