S1:E1: Who I Am


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The past few months have been emotionally draining. I have been back and forth on the decision to sell the house, knowing that not doing so, would mean I would have to stay married, something that I do not want to do. Selling the house means moving my child out of the only home she has known, and one in which should we thought we would stay in forever, with her sparkling bedroom and her swings in the yard.

Sometimes, life hits hard. Sometimes we can get right back up and move on, but sometimes life delivers one knock-down punch after another. Sometimes, your husband has an affair in the middle of a lockdown, commits a felony in not one, but two states, and you lose your house…sometimes you want to fall asleep and not ever get out of bed, but sometimes…you take that hurt and pain, the sadness and grief, and you use it to create the best life you can give to your child.

That is what I am doing, and I hope you will take that journey with me. Tune in next week for episode 2, a journey through grief and the loss of normalcy.

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