S1:E2: Love Yourself (Valentine’s Day Edition)


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that may or may not only exist to make single people feel like crap. Don’t fall for the consumerism trap. Ladies, you do not need a partner to validate your self-worth. I will be spending tomorrow as I spend most of my Sundays. With my daughter, cleaning the apartment, and doing laundry at the coolest hangout in town, the laundromat. We’ll eat grilled cheese and angel hair pasta around the dining room table while chatting about our upcoming week. When she goes to bed, I’ll soak in a hot bubble bath and listen to a true-crime podcast. Ladies, if you cannot love yourself and give yourself the attention and respect that you deserve, then you really should not expect somebody else to either. You are enough to be.


Smart Single and Unscripted Website: http://www.smartsingleandunscripted.com

30 Best Things to do if You are Single on Valentine’s Day


The History of Valentine’s Day:


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